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Spider Pest Control Services in Visalia, CA

California has over 60 distinct spider species. They often live in the air vents, crawl spaces, and damp areas of a home without our knowledge. While spiders actually contribute to pest control by eating flies and ants, having too many spiders can be unnerving and dangerous if the spider has a venomous bite or an aggressive temperament. Our pest control services can help rid your Central Valley home of unwelcome spiders quickly and prevent future spider infestations.

Common Types of California Spiders

The most common spiders you'll see include the wolf, tarantula, cellar spider, and brown or false widow spiders. These aren't aggressive, preferring to hide or run when confronted. Other, more dangerous spiders can be found in the area. The black widow, with its recognizable red hourglass markings, has one of the most venomous spider bites in the world. The yellow sac spider, a pale- or cream-colored spider, has a necrotic bite that can lead to a MRSA infection. If you find more than one of these spiders inside your home or in commonly used areas of your property, contact a spider exterminator immediately.

How Spiders Enter Your Home 

Spiders can find a way into your home no matter how carefully you keep it closed off. They fit through tiny gaps in windows and door frames, and also travel through air vents, dryer ducts, or other pipes or holes leading outside. Once established in your home, they can multiply quickly.

While some spiders may come into your household inadvertently through store boxes or on pets or clothing, most spiders come inside searching for food or warmth. If you have a hearty insect population in your home, whether flies, gnats, or other bugs, you'll likely also have spiders. One of the most active periods for spiders is in the fall, when they go in search of a mate.

Signs of a Spider Infestation

Seeing the occasional spider in your home doesn't mean that you have a spider infestation. There are some easy signs to look for to help you diagnose a spider infestation.

Multiple Sightings Daily

If you regularly see spiders around your home, it’s likely that there are many more that remain hidden in dark corners or under furniture.

Active Webs

An active spider web will have a live spider on or around the web, along with signs of predatory behavior, which might include the presence of an encapsulated insect or insect body parts. Cobwebs, which are collections of dust that develop in the corners or along the wall of your home, are often confused with spider webs, but they’re usually free-hanging and don't contain any other signs of a spider's presence.

Egg Sacs or Baby Spiders

If you notice a ball of silk or a white globule within an active web, your home is in danger of being infested — if it isn't already. Each of these silk balls is an egg sac, and each sac can hold up to 100 spiderlings. Also, keep a lookout for baby spiders. Seeing even one baby spider likely means your home is already infested.

You may also deduce that you have an infestation if your home has a high insect population, a lot of dark or muggy spaces, or signs of spider droppings, which look like little speckles of paint on your wall.

Treating Your Spider Infestation

If you see signs that your home has an active spider infestation, it's important to call a reputable pest control company such as PestKiller Services as soon as possible. We offer a variety of treatment options to handle your infestation and can prevent it from happening again.

Reactive Treatments

A reactive treatment is used when you have an active spider infestation. Our highly trained technicians will spray your crawl spaces, baseboards, and other crucial areas of your home with pesticide to eliminate any spiders already in your home. This can be an extensive process, as spiders don't have a circulatory system to spread toxins through their systems and can only be exterminated by spraying them directly.

Preventative Treatments

Preventative treatments are used to ward off future infestations. To keep spiders away, we’ll spray a residual pesticide on the outside of your home, such as window and door frames, and repair and seal potential points of entry.

Contact PestKiller Services today if you think you have a spider infestation. We can get that taken care of for you as soon as possible. 

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