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Ant Colony Pest Control in Visalia

Where the Ants in Your House Are Coming From


Ants are tiny and quick, which makes them experts at breaking into your house to obtain food and water in order to build nests and lay eggs. Often, ants enter your home through very small cracks and holes, but they also sneak in when you open windows and doors. Eventually, ants will build a whole colony, meaning you'll see more ants as the queen continuously lays eggs. These second-generation ants usually come from areas with plentiful water and food sources, such as your kitchen or laundry room or near pet food containers. Call the experts at PestKiller Services as soon as you notice ants to prevent a major infestation.

Why Hire Pest Control to Eleminate Ants


Ant infestations are unwanted and gross. You might be tempted to control them by yourself, but hiring experts is the surefire way to control these pesky pests. Homemade remedies, such as sprays and sugar traps, only affect a small portion of the ants in your home; unfortunately, they don't eliminate the whole colony. Plus, misapplied DIY methods can be dangerous for pets. These methods can empty your wallet while the ants remain in your wall or coming through your windowsills. Call PestKiller Services today to schedule an ant treatment that will control and prevent the ants from developing new and larger colonies.


Tips on How to Prepare for an Ant Treatment


Preparing for an ant treatment isn't complicated. In a few steps, you can get your house ready and help our team work efficiently. 


  • Keep pets safe: Your pets are important to us. Please let our team know what type of pet(s) you have, and we will work with you to keep them safe. 

  • Clear pathways: Ants love moving along areas where they are not seen such as near storage boxes, furniture, and other dark corners. Make crowded areas accessible, so our team can treat every part of your house.

  • Make note of ant trails: Ants often travel along the same route over and over again.


Tell our team if you notice an area is frequently filled with ants — it'll help us find and remove the nest.

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