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Pest Control Services in Hanford

Since 2019, PestKiller Services has been providing expert pest control in Hanford, CA, and other cities throughout Kings and Tulare Counties. The company makes sure that residential and commercial properties are free from pests that could be a nuisance to customers, workers, and residents.

Our technicians at PestKiller Services are industry experts. We apply pest control treatments to the interior and exterior of a home or business to deter troublesome pests from appearing on the property in the first place, or to ensure they do not remain if an infestation has occurred.


Our experts use Integrated Pest Management, which is an environmentally sensitive approach that causes the least harm to people, buildings, and the planet. From dealing with small ants and fleas to large rats and gophers, each treatment is personalized to coincide with the customer’s specific issue. Various options, including monthly services, are available, and we offer free estimates.

Common Pests to Be on the Lookout For

Even if there only seems to be a minor problem, customers should notify PestKiller Services once they become aware of any potential issue. Many pests are excellent at spending time in hard-to-reach spaces, so there’s no telling how serious a pest problem may be without a thorough inspection by a pest control technician.

Pests are a year-round issue in Hanford, and we handle all sizes, including Jerusalem crickets, mosquitoes, and fire ants. Additional types of pests found include arachnids like black widow and brown house spiders, insects such as fleas and ants, and rodents like rats and mice. PestKiller Services deals with many of these troublesome pests that can contribute to medical issues, damage of property, or simply being an annoyance.

Preparing for a Pest Control Visit

At PestKiller Services, our trained technicians provide high-quality results, and there are some ways our customers can help facilitate an effective visit. For example, we’ll need unrestricted access to the areas where the critters were spotted, which may require the customer to remove any unnecessary objects, clean around appliances, and open closets and drawers that may be in the treatment area. We also prefer that our customers are home when we arrive to do the treatments for any additional consultation.

If you need pest control in Hanford, CA, contact PestKiller Services today so we can take preventative measures before an issue arises within your home or business.

Call us for a free estimate!

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