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Pest Control Services in Visalia

Keep your residential and commercial properties clean and safe by choosing Pestkiller Services. We offer pest control services to homeowners and businesses in Visalia and surrounding areas. Our goal is to give you peace of mind by ensuring your properties are free from pest infestations that might lead to costly damage.

Through Integrated Pest Management, an effective and environment-friendly approach to eliminating unwanted pests from your residential and commercial property, our friendly technicians can guarantee complete pest control. We only use tried and tested techniques for effective and efficient treatment.

Whether your goal is to prevent future infestation or eliminate existing pests, including rats, mosquitoes, roaches, fleas, moths or spiders, we have the experience and tools to ensure your properties are pest-free. 

Common Pests to Watch Out for in Visalia

Visalia may be a beautiful city, but it's also home to pests that can invade your home. Watch out for ants that tend to form colonies outside your residential properties. You'll likely see them in wall cracks, door frames or window seals. These pests wander to look for food and water, so ensure your home is clean and dry. Make sure your home is air-sealed to prevent these pests from entering. 

Earwigs hide in moist areas and are active at night. You might spot them under your patios or beneath piles of leaves. If there are leaks in your plumbing, fix these ASAP, or you might attract earwigs inside. If you see one, we suggest hiring pest control services to carefully check your home for any sign of these pests. 

Cockroaches are also common in Visalia. They have many food sources such as cheese, leather, bakery products, starch in book bindings, glue, hair, flakes of dried skin, dead animals, plant materials and even soiled clothing! Cockroaches carry diseases such as staphylococcus, streptococcus and E. Coli. When roaches defecate on food it is possible to transmit said diseases. 

In the United States, the two most common species of roaches are American and German cockroaches. The German cockroach is usually found in kitchens, and bathrooms, but can be in any portion of a heated structure, especially near food preparation areas. During the day, these roaches hide from the light in dark places. If you see some during the day, it is a sure sign that a tremendous population exists. Cockroaches are scavengers with a wide choice of food. Unlike most other roaches, they are very small-with a body length of only ½ inch. The female produces 4-8 egg capsules in her lifetime. The German cockroach population can grow at least 3-4 generations each year, and can complete the life cycle in as few as six weeks, but the average is 14-15 weeks. Adults will live for up to ten months.

The American Cockroach is usually the “huge” roach you’ve spotted. It can reach a body length of around two inches, and occasionally more. It has a reddish-brown color. The American cockroach lives in city sewer systems, basements, and commercial food preparation areas.  The female lays an egg case, containing about 15 eggs, near a food source. The life cycle is an average of 600 days, with most adults living well over a year.

Preparing for a Pest Control Visit

Working with professionals to eliminate unwanted pests doesn't have to be stressful. To make the process quicker and easier, provide better access to tight corners by removing furniture and other items that restrict access. 

Keep the kitchen tidy, or consider removing appliances especially when there's a heavy infestation. If you have a larger outdoor space, we suggest moving all furniture outside. Feel free to also talk to the pest control experts and ask how else you can help them provide a more effective treatment.


Do You Need Pest Control Now?

PestKiller Services offers quality pest control services at an affordable price. If you suspect a pest infestation at your home or business, or just want to start preventative treatment, call today.

Call us for a free estimate!

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