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Pest Control Services in Exeter

Common Pests to Be on the Lookout For

Exeter is home to numerous pests, but the most common problems are insects, such as ants and cockroaches, and small rodents, such as mice and rats. Carpenter ants are especially common, and they can quickly damage property by burrowing into wood to make nests. Thankfully, thorough pest control from PestKiller Services is an effective solution for any pest problem in the Exeter area. Our team offers expert removal and extermination to keep your property pest-free. 

Why Hire a Pest Control Company vs. DIY?

Tackling pest control by yourself can be tempting, but it rarely works in the long run. When you notice pest issues, there's a good chance insects or rodents have fully infiltrated parts of your property. Carpenter ants quickly make nests in wooden support beams, cockroaches lay eggs and rats spread fast through crawl spaces or attics. DIY solutions only treat the symptoms of these infestations, but expert pest control companies get to the root of the problem and fully remove all pests for a long-term fix. 

How to Prepare for a Pest Control Visit

Getting ready for a pest control visit is easy. In a few steps, you can prepare your property for a thorough inspection and extermination. 


  • Make note of where you've seen the pests and tell the pest control team, as it helps us find and remove any nests.

  • Provide access to tight corners or blocked areas. Pests thrive in dark, hidden spaces, such as behind storage boxes or under furniture. Make sure the pest control team can access these areas.

  • Help the technicians work efficiently by keeping your pets out of the way.

  • Open doorways and closets. Pests quickly spread throughout buildings and homes. Open up your space, so the team can inspect and treat the whole property.

How Often Should Your Property Be Treated for Pests?

Treatment schedules depend on the type of property and any ongoing pest issues. For example, homes may need less frequent treatments than commercial properties because there's less foot traffic. If cockroaches or other creatures keep showing up, more frequent treatments could be necessary. Contact our team today for advice on treating your property and stopping pests.

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