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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get rid of cockroaches in my house?

It takes one treatment per week for four to six weeks to get an infestation under control. 

What are the common pests you deal with during the winter?

Rodents, ants, and black widows are the three most common winter pests we encounter on a regular basis. Fleas and cockroaches are also common. 

Are brown recluse spiders found in the Central Valley?

The Central Valley is not an ideal habitat for the brown recluse, though there are recluse spiders in the southern California deserts. If a brown recluse was found in the Central Valley, it would've been transported from another region. If you've found a brown spider at your home or business, you are probably looking at a wolf spider. 

Do I need to treat my pets if I have a flea infestation?

The answer is yes. Fleas are dependent on blood for food and for reproduction. A treatment only removes the fleas currently in your home, not the fleas on your pet(s). Visit your veterinarian to obtain flea prevention medication.

Why am I finding ants but I don't see a trail of them?

Ants move around a house undetected. They walk behind baseboards and use the electrical and plumbing architecture to get from one location to another.



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