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Roach Pest Control Services

German and American cockroaches live in sewers, drains and dark drawers and behind refrigerators. They collect bacteria and can transfer germs to surfaces and food, potentially passing them to your loved ones. You need to get rid of these roaches to keep your home clean and your family safe. 


German Versus American Roaches


When it comes to size, German cockroaches are a little smaller, at 1/2 inch, while American cockroaches measure 1 1/2-2 inches long. In appearance, American roaches are reddish-brown, while German cockroaches are tan with dark lines. The latter usually like to live in the bathrooms and kitchens, while the former live in crawl spaces and basements. You need a reliable pest control company to help you completely eliminate these pests. 


Signs of a Roach Infestation 


Seeing cockroaches is an obvious sign of a cockroach infestation in your home. Look under the sink or refrigerators, where they're likely seen. If you notice a musty or oily smell in your bathroom, kitchen or other areas of your home, it may be from the roaches living in your space. These nocturnal pests don't just smell bad; their feces can also trigger allergy symptoms. When you get allergy symptoms indoors and notice unpleasant smells, we recommend getting cockroach control to help you remove these pests. 


Cockroaches also leave droppings that look like coffee grounds, and you're likely to see these in your closets and other dark or moist areas in your home. If you see cockroach egg cases, more roaches are likely lurking somewhere. You need professional roach control to get rid of these pests. 


Preparing for Roach Control 


Removing food sources and thoroughly cleaning your home can prevent a cockroach infestation. If roaches are already living in your home, hiring a roach control service can eliminate these pests. 


Prepare your home for cockroach control by emptying all cabinets, drawers and countertops. We also recommend cleaning the household appliances and vacuuming all drawers and cabinets to remove roach eggs. In most cases, it's required that you leave your home to allow for the treatment and drying process and come back when it's completed.


Is your home infested with cockroaches? Our pest control treatment programs have proven effective in eliminating German and American cockroaches and other pests. Contact us today, so we can inspect your home and recommend the right solution. PestKiller Services is a locally owned company that serves customers in Kings and Tulare counties. Get in touch with us today.

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